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a leadership position on in recommending to sacramento. have you all talked to recology about what their view of this whole thing is? >> they understand the problem. they run into the largest buybacks, one at pier 96 on the port and the one at tunnel road and they used to operate seven or eight other ones. they want to see the material handled. it's sort of there is an old garbage guy adage that you want to get your hands on everything and keep it, but they understand that their major role is providing the kind of background coverage for everything. as you were pointing out earlier, this is valuable material that picks up and moves on it's own. >> right. >> and that could mean an advantage for us in terms of that material not having to be paid for and carried by the very expensive systems. >> it would be a collaboration where you create a multi-tiered distribution system, where it ends up ultimately there, but someone makes something at each step of the way? >> actually, they said they are open to being a collector for a more kind of mobile system or a smaller subset. when you mentioned
sacramento. >> pam ra malone wishes she add health insurance saying a community clinic isn't giving >> hopeless. sometimes, i'm -- it's so frustrating. and i don't know what to do. >> an answer from her and millions of other uninsured californians may be a year away under federal](z affordable care act. obama administration gave approval to set up a health benefits exchange onion line marketplace called covered california consumers can buy private coverage. >> this is a big milestone z says that the federal government looked at our plans and said we're good to go. >> the approval opens the door for companies to start bidding for a place on the exchange. plans are supposed to be affordable because they'll be competing for more customers. even those with preexisting conditions. defending -- depending on income level, federal subsidies will be available. >> you'll get as good or better price through covered california whether a subsidy or not than you'd possibly get anywhere in the market. >> is it good coverage? >> it's going to be great coverage. >> skeptics worry about the cost of m
or severe weather. some periods of light rain especially during the day saturday. san francisco, sacramento, also showers in the northwest and by sunday it dives further to the south. we'll introduce showers in los angeles. but, again, not going ruin anyone's weekend. just a little bit of wet weather. >>> the top-selling song of 2012 was not "gangnam style." ♪ now you're just somebody that i used to know ♪ >> goyte's "somebody that i used to know" sold 6.8 million digital copies last year. i bought one of them. and it made it the top selling song over "call me maybe." >> after seven years of courtship george lucas is officially engaged to melody hobbson. >> bristol palin has been granted a restraining order against the man who sent her an engagement ring. >>> universal studios and warner brothers have reportedly been in talks with the tolkien estate to build a theme park. the success of harry potter has been the driving force. hopefully, the hobbits will be tall enough to get on a ride. >>> do you think we missed the latest kimye news? sources say they do not intend to get married becau
that investigation. >> reporter: how did three felons from sacramento and oakland with prior convictions for drugs find their way into the multimillionaire exclusive bay area businessman's home? the answer may lie with this woman. she was first arrested on prostitution charges last week. the murder suspects were arrested shortly after. dixon has been charged with harboring one of the murder suspects, but their exact relation to one another is unknown. and speaking of prostitutes, we dug through a stack of court documents two feet tall. he's accused of shady business deals. >> the business partners accused him of having a sham divorce. in fact the ceo wrote back in 2006. if you want to inflate the numbers on the value of tessla and his holdings to give his ex- wife the valuable assets through divorce in order to screw your creditors, no one is stopping you, however i am not about to lie for you or anyone else. in a separate e-mail, the same ceo wrote that he has never treated anyone fairly in his life except for his women. that's why no one in his family will have anything to do with him. and the c
from the staff that still smoking in sacramento county and smoke island in folsom. so the final comment kilometers from gist on. who says his will you suit is meant as message for others. >> don't injury yourself the way i have because you never get back to the way were you. e-tim daly for abc 7 news gentleman we are glad to tell new the last few minutes the police in pleasanton found 89-year-old man would was missing as we all righted silver alert issue for lawrence bolder last seen in the pleasanton area. just found out he has been found. don't know more about the circumstances of his disappearance but he's okay and has been found. >> newly elected bay area lawmaker now in medical coma after he was hospitalized for severe bacterial sinus infection. gary bell on richmond city council on november sex but the 54-year-old got sick and has now undergone 2 neurosurgery. tonight family released a statement saying bell will not be able to attend the swearing the ceremony on tuesday and say his prognosis is good. >> tough season for forty-niner place kicker acres has taken a more s
to mid-50s. 41 in tahoe. they were 5. 48 in redding. 50 ukiah, it's been a cold, cold week. sacramento temperatures they've been stuck in the 40s. again, this system will sweep to us on saturday, saturday night. it looks like some rain for sunday. early next week looks sunny and warm and really cold by the end of next week at this time. i don't want to get too far ahead of myself. increasing clouds on saturday. maybe some snow for the mountains on sunday. if you are heading up there, to to the mountains -- if you are heading up there to the mountains, keep that in mind. a little warmer in the santa clara valley. i know it was 65 at pebble beach yesterday. 50s on the peninsula along the coast. everybody in there. the warm weather wasn't the last. it will be -- did not last t will be cold tonight. i will go with light rain and then nice on monday/tuesday. so just a little system here. i don't think it will be too much. >> sounds good. thank you. >>> from actor to entrepreneur, the star that's making a bid for a well-known coffee chain. it could be the end of an era what de la salle high
and what happens in sacramento. here in san francisco we just take it for granted when we get our hydro electricity and when we get our hetch hetchy water delivered to our taps, and i think it's high time because how the rich folks at one time went to congress and dammed hetch hetchy to get the water here that we pay attention to the poor folks, the farmers who today most of them have to drink contaminated water and if they have money they have to drink bottled water. this is in california. now, we in san francisco we just take things for granted, so when we talk about clean energy, when we talk about water, when we talk about anything where the taxpayer pays money let's not take things for granted without having empirical data we have this habit that we can just spend the tax payers money. i know farmers in the mid-west who are paid not to till the land while half the land they grow corn which when the final product comes out costs $74 a gallon. tank clean energy. so we need to go deeper into it. it's not to say that the deliberation here favors that we do the right thing. we re
things, by the way, i might add that they are doing for us now is that sacramento has determined that school districts are allowed this year to raise their developer fee amounts that we charge developers. however, the only way we can do that is we need to demonstrate under the government code certain specific demographic and other sort of financial and economic conditions in the city of san francisco have changed to warrant that increase. so we have actually retained them to see if we are entitled to raise our rates, which would obviously help us and we won't know that for several years. >> so this is a company that we subcontract with? >> yes. >> what is the amount for the work of this company? >> i think this work is $18 ,000 and the study is $25,000 on top of that, but that would only happen at times that we're looking to raise our rates and we have not raised our rates, since, i believe, 2005. >> roll call miss ly? >> yes. >> miss fewer? >> yes. >> miss maufas? >> yes. >> thank you miss mendoza? >> yes. >> dr. maufas? >> aye. >> miss norton? >> yes. >> mis
's a first-of-its-kind in the state. a modesto man is suing three sacramento smoke shops. ben sosenko says the man wasn't warned how sick he could get from using something called a whippet. >> actualone point that we had to and out for clergy. >> reporter: jason says he barely survived. now he uses a walker and at times has trouble speaking. he says it's all because he inhaled nitrous oxide. >> i had had it many times at the dentist's office. >> reporter: he thought the nitrous oxide was safe and is now suing three local smoke shops the places he bought the recreational drug commonly known as whip-it claiming they didn't warn him about the danger. >> the only interaction was which ones were more expensive than others and which ones had are more pure nitrous oxide. >> reporter: his attorney provided us this interview she recorded with the man saying he didn't feel well enough to go on camera with us. she says the lawsuit is the first of its kind in california. a civil suit claiming improper warnings on packaging for nitrous oxide and other designer drugs. and she says the suit isn't about t
the past couple of mornings by about 3 to 5 degrees. 28 redding. 30 in sacramento. patchy fog out to the valley, so if you're traveling to the mountains, stockton reporting visibility. and maybe a couple bands of clouds and increasing clouds tomorrow from that system and we'll cloud up and get rain in late saturday into sunday. patchy fog, cold in the morning, not as cold as the past couple of mornings. 50s on the temps. 56 to 57 unless you're out to eastern solano and a few low 60s. morgan hill, gilroy, santa cruz. upper 50s. wood side 56. very light rain saturday. more likely on sunday and out of here monday and cool breezy pattern sets up. >> thank you steve. >>> this morning china announced it is fining 6 south korean and taiwan companies for price fixing flat panel screens. samsung is being ordered to pay a total of $23 million in the case. they must repay $27 million touchy niece customers. it's a -- chinese customers. >>> japanese stocks soared in the first day of post holiday trading. it's first reaction to the resolution of the u.s. tax increase worries. all the other asi
cream. no comment as well on the lawsuit from the staff that still smoking in sacramento county and smoke island in folsom. so the final comment kilometers from gist on. who says his will you suit is meant as message for others. >> don't injury yourself the way i have because you never get back to the way were you. e-tim daly for abc 7 news gentleman we are glad to tell new the last few minutes the police in pleasanton found 89-year-old man would was missing as we all righted silver alert issue for lawrence bolder last seen in the pleasanton area. just found out he has been found. don't know more about the circumstances of his disappearance but he's okay and has been found. >> newly elected bay area lawmaker now in medical coma after he was hospitalized for severe bacterial sinus infection. gary bell on richmond city council on november sex but the 54-year-old got sick and has now undergone 2 neurosurgery. tonight family released a statement saying bell will not be able to attend the swearing the ceremony on tuesday and say his prognosis is good. >> tough season for forty-n
and sleep in public without harassment. the measure is sure to be controversial in cities like sacramento and san francisco where voters have already passed anned or against against sitting or lying on walks. >>> after decades of dominance, the curtain may soon be dropping on an illustrious era of de la sal football. the school at this hour not confirming the speculation but there's a press conference set for later on today talking about the future of de la sal football. ladouceur has a sparkling resume. 399 victories under his belt as head coach. he's held the post since 1979. >> he has to get to 400. >> you would think so. >>> christina loren, it is friday and dry outside. >> it is, but not for long. good morning to you, jon and marla. good morning to you at home. taking a live look. a little hazy here over san jose, but a crystal clear sky over that layer of haze. we're looking really good for today. temperatures are going to warm into the 60s, we're already in the 50s in some city, san francisco. warmest day of the week so far. 50 in san jose and 49 in concord this morning. we progres
, terry? i'll check. anything from sacramento? they have agents all over that switchyard. l. there are still a few digits unaccounted for. amita: these seven numbers, the letter "b" and 36. what caused the cajon pass accident? i think the ntsb report said that the engineer forgot to check the end-of-train brake system. i'm sorry, i've just been over the report-- a lot. i'm glad someone reads our work. well, 37 people died-- that's close to the 36 in the notes. no? seven numbers and a letter. i don't see anything linking h-bob to the cajon pass. david: maybe the link is indirect. wait a minute. california driver's license-- a letter and seven numbers. see if you can generate a list of licenses using all seven numbers and then check it against the ntsb files. right? right. the license belongs to frank milton, the cajon train engineer. he died in the crash. milton was deemed responsible for the accident. why would the saboteur leave a copy of frank milton's driver's license in his note? why bring attention to milton? well, look, he's the engineer during the cajon pass accident.
below or anything like that. sacramento 30. but that fog is definitely starting to pop up. not a bad day. mostly sunny. today, except for high clouds and patchy fog and a band of higher clouds, this is our cloud and rain forecast. today is okay. then tomorrow increasing clouds and i mean, we'll be all right in the morning. it puts a little rain on us saturday afternoon. i don't think that will l be too much. the main one comes in on sunday, starts to come in on the north bay, late morning, early afternoon, and by everybody by sunday afternoon or evening. instead of splitting, this one holding together. we'll see. all of them are on the same page. you can't igg -- ignore it. a little bit of an east wind toward the delta. low 60s for morgan hill, and santa cruz. cloudy here for a while and turning cloudy on saturday. sunday looks like rain coming in. and back to very quiet pattern early next week. >>> we want to take you to new york where a where a large fire is burning through a home in brooklyn. these are live pictures right now. you can see the firefighters putting it out but that home
. >> reporter: today members of occupy sacramento rallied in support of legislation. the proposal seeks to end the criminalization of homelessness. and it requires cities to make rest rooms and showers available 24 hours a day. >> it is important. helps get people out of the situation. >> reporter: supporters say the measure is a year away from a full vote. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> two bay area cities named among the healthiest in the country. san francisco was the healthiest, followed by salt lake city and san jose. >>> starting today coffee lovers have a new option. starbucks launched a new reusable plastic cub. it costs $1 but will give users a 10 cents discount every time they use it. starbucks hopes to sever 5% in reusable cups by 2015. >>> hormel foods is buying skippy brand. skippy is the leading peanut butter brand in china and number two in the world. the sale includes factories in arkansas and china. the new deal should help expand its market in china. >>> ever fallen asleep while driving? the centers for disease control found 1-25 people ha
diego and i did speak with the folks in sacramento and there is legislation that will address bottle bill -- actually once a year or couple of years that they do a bottle
. michael [inaudible] lynn brown, jerad bloomfield and others. we make trips to sacramento and we do what we could in the bay view. we put solar on all 58 homes and so on and so forth. in the beginning of this discussion i heard something about climate change and then i was paying attention to this conversation and there's a lot of fluff. so much fluff it gives you a headache. now, if you look at a map and some of you have done the outreach, whatever way you did the outreach, if you want to pay attention to the carbon footprint you have to do anything for the people that are impacted in district 10 and 11 and if you haven't done that to the best of your ability you have failed, so don't tell us in the areas that are green, which is where mostly the rich people live, where they send all their garbage, where they send all their sewage to which is in district 10 and you do service -- when it comes to outreach. that has to be ratified immediately. now, we need empirical data from this so-called consultants because sfpuc has this habit to have consultants. we saw this when they tried to p
. tahoe is 9. yesterday at this time i think they were 0. so temperatures not as bad. sacramento, along with fog. stockton as well. watch out for some of that tulle fog if you have to travel out that way. today is all right. i think tomorrow, too. partly sunny, 33. late saturday, early sunday, they may get some snow up there. mostly sunny for us today. patchy fog on the cold side. more of that damp cold. mid- to upper 50s. a little cooler and then an east breeze coming in. 59 in oakland. 58 alameda. we'll go 60 morgan hill. santa cruz, 59. saratoga at 59. a lot of 50s on the san mateo coast in the city and on the peninsula upper 50s. san carlos close to 59. rain on saturday and sunday. and then it clears out. clear on monday and tuesday. >>> despite the grumbling in his own party, joan boehner was eeckt -- john boehner was elected as house speaker. [ applause ] >> ten republicans voted for someone else as speaker. boehner struggled to hold back tears as he welcomed new members of congress. nancy pelosi retains her position as minority leader. the new congress is the most die veers ever.
was arrested by sacramento police on saturday in connection with the high profile killing of businessman okay he's the fourth suspect to be taken into custody for the crime. how and why cool was killed is stool not known because details of the case are under seal. >> clearly we are going to be learning how did these defendants get into this house. how did they know that he had a lot of wealth. how did they know he had a coin collection. all of these things are going to be important. >> we uncovered new information through the court documents yesterday. weighs reported about his sordid past including alleges of sham divorce to hide millions of dollars in assets, filings also claim he was involved in risky business dealings over important nothing refuse and game bling. another court appearance for the suspect who are accused of killing him scheduled for tomorrow. >>> san francisco police are lacking for 5 armed men who stole money electronic in home invasion this morning. police tell us the men showed knife and hand guns stormed into a home on 40th avenue just before 3:00 a.m. middle of t
been going up a little bit. no more 20s unless you're headed to sacramento valley. and a little bit higher humidity. a little bit more moisture in the air. it's a damp cold but more in the 30s or even 40s. livermore 33. walnut creek 33. 43sfo. 40 redwood city. 47 half-moon bay. these are warmer than we saw the last couple of mornings when it was widespread 20s. mostly sunny today. this system showing every signs of moving over us over the weekend and then splitting over us instead of offshore which in turn gives us a cloudy forecast and some rain on the weekend. today mostly sunny. kind of a damp cold air in the morning but highs in the 50s to near 60 degrees and a little pattern change, one and done is the way it looks because next week looking cool and breezy and dry. mostly sunny. cold to mild. not too bad later on this afternoon. 55, 56, to 59 or 60. a little cooler out towards livermore, oakley brentwood and antioch. turning cloudy on saturday, could be light rain. more likely on sunday. cool pattern next week for us. >>> wal-mart is on the defensive after some rivals accused i
is sure to be controversial in cities such as sacramento and san francisco where voters have already passed an ordinance against sitting or lying on sidewalks. >>> christina loren is tracking the friday forecast for us. >> good morning to you, marla, good morning to you at home. highs in the 60s. 62 in livermore, 62 in gilroy. as we get into your weekend overnight saturday to sunday we should clear out by sunday afternoon. >>> back now with more of "today" on this friday morning, the 4th day of january, 2013. a crisp, sunny day here in midtown manhattan. nice to spend it outside on the plaza on a friday. inside studio 1a i'm willie geist along with al roker and kit hoover from access hollywood. >> everything is backwards, like i'm sitting here with y'all. >> you don't want to go back to billy, do you? >> i'm not going anywhere. >> you're going to host with me. >> doing a little give and take. >> yeah. >> what else is coming up this half hour? >>> new year's resolutions, getting on budget or getting in shape. it could cost more than you think. we have some reasonable solutions. >>> no
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